Surprising Reasons to Hire a Car Shipping Company

We are living in a fast-paced world. Both your personal and professional lives are hectic and multi-faceted. To keep up, cars are just one your investments to make life easier. Ever since cars are developed, it provides people with comfort and convenience in transportation. Private cars are a reliable mode of transportation and it’s the reasons why most people invested in owning one.

Getting from point A to Point B is easier with a car so why you need to hire car shipping companies. Why shipping a car become a prevalent option in our society?

In this blog post, you will learn the surprising reasons why one has to move a car.

Reasons why you need to move your car


A huge part of American culture is to drive everywhere you like. For most people, driving by themselves across the country is an exciting adventure. But it’s not the case when you are moving with your entire family. The idea of driving through a spider web of highways, ranch lands and mountains with a bunch of loads is not really comfortable. Moving your vehicle across the country has its risks. You have to consider the reckless driver you meet, the unstable weather conditions and wildlife that even the most skilled drivers are scared. Traveling more than 300 miles is no longer safe to ship your car.

You need to hire a car moving company for the sake of your vehicle’s safety. When you are relocating or going on a vacation, using a car mover is helpful.

  • By sending your car to the next destination with the help of a professional car shipper, you will save it from damaging weather conditions and unnecessary wear and tear. When on the road, your car may experience possible breakdowns, accidents or others.
  • If you are on a budget, you can find a cheap car delivery service. The most common type is open car transport. In this option, your car is placed in an open truck that carriers up to 8 vehicles.
  • You can request for additional insurance protection or top load your car. Because the open carrier is two-level, your car may possibly get leaks from others.
  • Although open car transport is exposed, it remains the safe and efficient type of moving a vehicle.
    Saves Time

Long distance driving usually takes days. On the map, a hundred mile does not seem so bad. But on the road, you need to cross deserts, mountains, and seas. You are required to stop for rest and food. It means additional time for travel.

While driving by yourself, you might encounter a flat tire or a traffic which will add to your travel time. You will leave some important tasks behind while you are on the road. Also, you have to leave your family just to drive.

  • When you want to save time in moving your car, it is ideal to let a car hauling company handle it. To save time, get a plane ticket and enjoy your flight and wait for your vehicle to arrive.
  • To compute your actual auto transport time, consider both the pick-up and delivery time window. Most companies will pick-up your car up to 5 days and will deliver it from the date you requested. However, if you are in a rush, there are some auto hauling companies that will pick up your car the next day.
  • The delivery time depends on the distance between the locations. The delivery time varies.
  • Aside from next day pick up, you can also avail of expedited shipping. This type of service is expensive.

If you value your time, auto shippers will help you move faster and meet your deadlines. However, auto transportation is not constant. There are factors that may delay the process like bad weather and truck failures. To know more about the entire process, call the company and tell them of your auto shipping preferences.


Affordability is another reason for you to hire an auto transporter. You might think that it is expensive but looking at the actual costs of driving your vehicle is more expensive. When you self-drive your car, you need to spend on the lodging, gas, and food. The auto transport rate remains lower because the transporter shoulders all these expenses.

Aside from the gas, food, and accommodations, your expenses can escalate when you are on the road like car breakdowns and when you suddenly get sick. You will also take a leave on your work so you won’t get paid while driving.
When asking for a auto shipping price, you need to submit the following information:

  1. Make and model of car
  2. Type of auto carrier
  3. Standard or Rush shipping
  4. Pick-up and delivery locations
  5. Transport seasons

The price that they will give you is an all-inclusive price. These factors are important because they will determine the best price. They will all contribute to the price but there are not always the deciding factors. If you choose a rush car delivery, you will pay more. If you prefer an enclosed truck, expect to pay an additional cost. Seasons matter in shipping a vehicle. There is a price difference during summer and winter months. You have to consider the season when reviewing the rates.


Many people handle their cars seriously. Moving it is more than just getting from point A to point B. They want their car to arrive in one piece while at the same time having more time to do other tasks. You will need the help of a car hauling company if you want to save time and money. If the safety of your vehicle matters most, then you need to let professional car movers handle your car.