Professional Private Car Hauler

A lot of us see huge truck trailers on highways and think that they must be owned by car dealers. But did you know that, it is not only auto dealers that transport cars because private car owners also ship cars. Even if you need to ship a single car, you can easily hire a private car mover.

Private car owners who are in need of transport whether for relocation or vacation, use professional private car transport to save time and money. Most auto transport companies you find on the internet specializes in car transportation for auto professionals, car dealers, and manufacturers. The good thing is that there are car haulers who can accommodate private car owners.

What is a private car hauling company


A private car hauling provides auto transport solutions to private car owners. They can move different types of cars such as sedan, SUV, race cars, classic cars and even boats and motorcycles. It has customized equipment apt for every single type of vehicles.

Professional car moving companies have this equipment;

  •    Modern trailers
  •    GPS tracker for cars
  •    Specialized equipment for enclosed trucks
  •    Hydraulic racking systems
  •    Ramp and lift-gate capability

It employs skilled car transporters to the safe travel of cargo. Skilled vehicle transporters undergo strict training to operate transport carriers. It has attentive and professional customer care specialists that can handle all clients’ requests relating to the transportation of privately owned cars. Employees know the following;

  •    Safety measures of shipping a car
  •    In-depth knowledge on all types of vehicles
  •    Personalized car shipping experience
  •    Effective communication strategy

Professional private auto haulers can ship vehicles in any State including Hawaii and Canada. It is an ideal option for people traveling across the country and prefers to move their cars with them. It can serve numerous auto shipping requirements such as the following;

  •    Can help military cars move to other camps
  •    Can assist individuals who buy cars online
  •    Ship a vehicle for snowbirds
  •    Ship a car for professional athletes
  •    Move a car to an auto event
  •    Move a vehicle for a college student
  •    Delivery car bought online
  •    Deliver vehicle of an employee assigned to another city

Benefits of hiring private auto haulers


Professional Private Car Hauler
Photo from @aresauburnphotos on Flickr

If you choose to hire a private car shipper, you eliminate the middleman. When you transact with an ordinary vehicle shipping company, you are actually working with a middleman. Vehicle shipping company does not own trailers but they just contact haulers to move their clients’ car. When you book directly with a hauler, you deal with car carrier owners directly.  Private car movers will handle clients’ cars from the beginning to the end. They will place privately owned vehicles to auto trucks and entrusted these cars to their own drivers.

The good thing about transacting directly with them is that when there’s a problem with the transport process, you know exactly whom to contact. You can negotiate to pick up your car the next day. Professional transporters can offer you instant quotes but not computer generated. They manually compute the rates and offer you the best price. Unlike car brokers, they will contact brokers for the price and apply additional charge to the quotation. The price quoted by private transporters is the best price available at that moment.

In addition, since you are working directly with the private transporter who will move your vehicle, you can rely on their estimated pick-up and delivery dates. You are assured that these dates are accurate. You can coordinate your moving details smoothly and gives you a stress-free experience.

If you are in a rush, working with a private auto moving company owning its own trucks is the best choice. It can arrange its own schedule to fit your requirement.

For private car delivery, it is reliable to speak to a transport company that has a wide network of destinations. It can pick-up a private car from home and deliver it to the next destination point. However, the process may be different if your location has narrow streets and low-hanging trees. You might be asked to meet your transporter in a nearby location where it is convenient to load and unload vehicles.

Considerations when hiring private auto haulers


It is convenient to hire private auto movers when you need to relocate your car anywhere in the country. If you have a strict schedule, they can surely accommodate you. If you have other preferences like covered carriers, they definitely have one for you. When you decide to hire a private vehicle hauler, you need to be aware of the following;

  •    Licensed

In the United States, the professional auto hauling company applies for a US DOT number and an MC number. They submit several documents in the Department of Transportation to register. Before you hire an auto hauling company, inquire of their US DOT and MC numbers. In this way, you know that they are licensed to haul cars anywhere in the country.  

You know that you meet a good car trucker if their US DOT authority is obvious. It is displayed on their website or social media accounts. A professional private auto trucker keeps its record of legal documents like insurance. Do not transact with the company that cannot show you a DOT/MC number even if it offers you a cheap private vehicle hauling quotation. Double check if the paper they submit to you is invalid or fraudulent. These type of companies have the unsafe equipment and their licenses are revoked by the DOT.

  •    Customer Service

The ideal private vehicle hauling company has outstanding customer care department. It will call a day in advance to give a reminder of the period of your car pick-up. It is capable of updating you on the entire transport journey.  Some private auto shipping company will not update you on the status of your car shipment. A professional vehicle transporter will call you from time to time.



You can depend on a professional private car moving company to deliver your car safely and timely.