Car Shipping from California to Florida

  • California is 3,687 kilometers away from Florida. If you plan to drive by yourself, it will take at least 41 hours straight driving with no obstructions.  The trip will require you at least 403 liters of gas. Both states have similarities like beaches, theme parks, seafood and a lot of sunshine. However, there are reasons why one has to move their vehicles from California to Florida. Sometimes the scenario is about job relocation wherein you find a better career opportunity in Florida. You need to transport your car from your hometown in California and bring it to your new place in Florida. Under certain circumstance, your children move to college in Florida, and you need to transport their cars. Also, you may look for a car shipping company that will deliver your recently bought classic car from California to Florida. In these cases, you need to know the basic process of shipping your car from these two states.

    • Size of your car

    Small cars can be loaded in regular auto carriers. However, larger cars like SUV and minivan need more space in auto carriers. Hence, the size of your car can make you pay more. Aside from the size, the weight of your car determines the cost because each car trailer has to comply with the standard load.

    HYPERDEL Auto Shipping has an array of car trailers and carriers that accommodate all sizes and weight of vehicles.  It is because we know that each car has a different need.

    • Time

    Car shipping company follows a normal drive time for each route. It can be shortened depending on the request of customers. However, other car shipping company can only promise to pick your car after 1-2 days of your desired schedule. They depend on the availability of their drivers and carriers.

    HYPERDEL Auto Shipping boats of our timely pick-up and delivery of vehicles from California to Florida. For expedited service, a special and customized car shipping option, expect a higher amount of car shipping cost. Our carrier will get your car in California on the day and time you prefer and deliver it in Florida on the scheduled date.

    • Route of your car

    In car shipping industry, there are popular routes that are accessible and faster compare to some routes that are barely used. If you want to ship your car from California to Florida and it will pass through the barely used routes, then you have to pay for more.  Auto transport drivers will move away from main highways and drive several miles from connecting routes to deliver your vehicles. Only the professional drivers can access remote streets and roads on these routes.

    HYPERDEL Auto Shipping designates only the professional drivers to deliver your vehicle. They are the people who know the remote routes and capable of moving your vehicle safely.

  • Not only that the car shipping company is responsible for transporting your car, but you need to prepare your vehicle for car transport as well. Make your vehicle shipping-ready with these tips.

    •         Remove Personal Items

    While being transported from California to Florida, your car will be loaded, unloaded and inspected several times. Hence, it will travel unlock. You need to remove your items such as TV, CD players, and the like. Car shipping company is not responsible for transporting personal items. These items may move during transport and cause damage not just to your vehicle but other cars. Also, the weight of these items will incur additional cost to you and affect the speed of the service.

    •         Prepare for loading

    It is necessary that your car can be loaded with ease. Disable your alarm or at least inform the driver how to turn it off. Also, fold back your mirrors and secure specialty items like fog lights, spoilers, etc. For a convertible, make sure you secure the top by adding a wind-resistant tarp to avoid damage from moisture, air, and debris.

    •         Make a written report of existing damage, dents and scratches.

    You must write down the condition of your vehicle as well as photographs of dents, chips, and scratches. In this way, it is easier for you to track new damage due to shipping.

  • Texas offers parents a new home with the better school system. Texas has comparable schools in California from elementary to higher education.

Shipping Routes from CA to TX:

Sacramento, CA to Houston, TX
Sacramento, CA to San Antonio, TX
Sacramento, CA to Dallas, TX
Sacramento, CA to Austin, TX
Sacramento, CA to Fort Worth, TX
Los Angeles, CA to Houston, TX
Los Angeles, CA to San Antonio, TX
Los Angeles, CA to Dallas, TX
Los Angeles, CA to Austin, TX
Los Angeles, CA to Fort Worth, TX
San Diego, CA to Houston, TX
San Diego, CA to San Antonio, TX
San Diego, CA to Dallas, TX
San Diego, CA to Austin, TX
San Diego, CA to Fort Worth, TX
Long Beach, CA to Houston, TX
Long Beach, CA to San Antonio, TX
Long Beach, CA to Dallas, TX
Long Beach, CA to Austin, TX
Long Beach, CA to Fort Worth, TX
San Francisco, CA to Houston, TX
San Francisco, CA to San Antonio, TX
San Francisco, CA to Dallas, TX
San Francisco, CA to Austin, TX
San Francisco, CA to Fort Worth, TX

4 Steps to Ship A Car

It is our goal never to complicate the process of shipping.

2. Place An Order
3. Schedule A Pick-up
4. Receive The Car