The Best Way To Ship Your Newly Purchased Classic Car

Classic Car Shipping
Special 1955 Classic Car – Pixabay

There is no doubt that classic cars are appealing whether you are a car enthusiast or not. They remind us of the good old days. They also represent interesting personalities that we all admired. Probably you yearn to own one. Imagine yourself buying a classic car and proudly show it to your family and friends. Owning classic cars are definitely worth your money. But what do we mean when we say classic cars?
What is a classic car?

According to the Classic Car Club of America, classic cars are those made between 1915 to 1948. A car becomes classic if it meets the following requirements:

  • Fine or distinctive automobiles
  • American or Foreign built
  • Built in limited quantities
  • Custom coachwork
  • Luxury accessories
  • Automatic lubrication systems

With the prestige attached to being classic car owners, the demand for it continues to grow in the United States and also for the other parts of the world. It is not easy to buy a perfect classic car in the country. It even becomes more difficult to find it abroad. No other countries can offer the same line of classic cars the way the United States does.

If you are planning to buy a classic car, the best place to look is online. Websites such as eBay Motors, Hemmings [2], and are well-respected for buying and selling classic cars.

Classic Car Transportation

Classic Car Shipping San Diego
Cadillac – Pixabay

Let us assume that you finally find your dream classic car online. With just one click, the car is definitely yours. But the thing about the online purchase is the aspect of delivery. You are compelled to look for classic car transportation services to make sure your newly purchased car is handled with proper care.

Aside from buying online, you may also need to ship a classic car when you relocate, attend car shows or you finally decide to let it go. It simply means that being a classic car owner means you need a professional transporter to handle your car during transport.


Hire the Classic Car Transport Professional

You spent a considerable amount of money just to buy that car and you will not let just any person to touch it or to drive it. Moving a classic car across the country is best when you hire the professionals. You can think of driving it by yourself but it might not be the best idea. Classic cars have special needs and differ from other cars. You need to protect its condition like engine and mileage. It is best to ship it than drive it. Classic car transporters use car carriers to transport classic cars safely. You can choose an open trailer or enclosed trailer. Depending on your car’s condition and your preferences, the professional vehicle shipping company can provide you with the service you will be comfortable with.

You should never ever thought of driving your newly purchased classic car in the great distance. First, you just bought it and you need some time to know it before you can take it on the open road. Second, it’s a classic car so you need to save it mileage. You need to avoid driving risks such as overheating, clogged fuel filters, and more. The best deal is to hire a professional auto transport company that can handle it more than you can.

Choosing the reliable car transporter is easy. You can simply search online and you will see listings for classic car haulers. Classic car shipping services range from open car transport, enclosed car transport, terminal to terminal transport, and door-to-door transport.
Below are some tips to help you transport your classic car;

Tips for Classic Car Shipping

  1. Inquire of the type of trailer that will pick-up your car -The type of trailer is critical because you want to ensure that your new car is safe. Although open car shipment is safe, most car enthusiasts use enclosed trailers. It protects the car from road debris, grime, and dirt. An enclosed trailer is pricey but your car is even more expensive.
  2. Ask about the insurance coverage -The Department of Transportation requires transporters to issue insurance. Verify the insurance information before you sign the contract. Make sure that the transporter covers the car in case of damage and accident. Ask the shipping company about the insurance coverage and how to file a claim just in case you need it.
  3. Check your car insurance coverage -You have to understand that the shipping company’s insurance may have limitations. It is not a problem because you can buy a separate insurance coverage for it. However, it means another expense on your part. The other option for you is to call your own car insurance company and check your vehicle’s coverage during transport. It serves as a fallback in case the transporter’ insurance does not cover some type of loss or damage during shipping.

Hyperdel Auto Shipping Classic Car Transportation

When you finally bought the perfect classic car online, Hyperdel Auto Shipping makes it easy for you to bring it home safely and fast. Classic car owners are people with high standards. They hire us in transporting their classic cars across the United States because they know their cars are in the hands of reliable and real classic car transporters.

Our enclosed car trailer ensures that your classic car is delivered on time, untouched and to your preferred destination. We pride ourselves on our high-quality classic car transport services. We can pick-up your classic car anywhere in the country and deliver to any terminal closest to you. At present, we offer next-day pick-up and scheduled delivery right at your home. Our popular destinations are San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

We guarantee you that we will treat your car with the care it deserves. Hyperdel Auto Shipping owns all the enclosed car trucks we are using. Our professional drivers know the true value of your vehicle and monitor it throughout its transit.

If you have special request relating to the transportation of your car, feel free to call us at 855 755 8575, and our customer representative will be delighted to advise.