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The Surfing Culture in Laguna Beach

  • Laguna Beach is one of the prettiest get-away. It preserves its artistic passion with excellent summer art festivals and art galleries. With road trip routes to help you like the Pacific Coast Highway, driving through Laguna Beach is a driver’s dream. You can smell the breeze and enjoy the scenic views while driving.  It is necessary that you would want to bring your car when you move to the city. Aside from freedom to drive, your car helps you explore the fun places of Laguna Beach at your time. Also, your car gives you extra space to bring to the city like your surfboards or enough space to carry what you shop. For you to enjoy the scenery of the coastal town while in your car, you must contact a reliable Laguna Beach Auto Shipping Company.

    Hyperdel Auto Shipping, Laguna Beach CA, can move your vehicle to and from Laguna Beach. We know how important your getaway for you and the role of timely and damage free delivery of your car. One of the mobility solutions of Hyperdel is enclosed auto transport service. We only use the standard enclosed car carrier that will guarantee the safety of your car. It is a first-class car shipping service you deserve. During a certain season, bad weathers are threats to vehicles. With enclosed auto transport service of Hyperdel, we guarantee you that your vehicle reaches Laguna Beach scratch-free. Before you start packing your things to explore Laguna Beach, call one of our customer service professionals for the details of your car shipping.

  • The quaint seaside town of Laguna Beach is one of the beautiful cities in Southern California. Its hillside showcases eye-catching mosaic-patterned houses with a spectacular view of the beaches and comfortable accommodations of the people. Visitors can find Laguna Beach about 50 miles in the south area of Los Angles and 80 miles away in San Diego. This alluring coastal getaway draws about 3 million visitors alone. The tourism industry sustains the economy of Laguna Beach and its 22,000 residents.

    Laguna Beach was the site of the Paleo-Indian civilization. The fossilized skull found in the city suggested a civilization 11,700 years ago. Meanwhile, the indigenous people in the town are the Tongva. The Spanish missionaries arrived in Laguna Beach in 1500. It was then included in Mexican land grant maps. The entire land was given to Jose Antonio Andres Sepulveda as part of a treaty. He later sold it to James Irvine in 1864. Eventually, people settled in the region as encouraged by the Homestead Act. Nate Brooks, the father of Laguna Beach, initiated a small permanent homestead which started home development. The city expanded and developed as a tourist destination. Today, filmmakers, actors, painters, and photographers regarded the town as an artist community.

  • Laguna Beach is a relaxing and inspiring community. Amid the numerous breathtaking views of the city, one charming spot makes it to the top. The city boasts of its La Tour or fondly called by locals as the Pirate Tower. This mysterious 60 feet landmark sits at the base of a cliff in Victoria Beach. It was constructed in 1926 as a way to get from the house at the top of the bluff down to the beautiful stretch of Victoria Beach. La Tour is made of poured concrete into an ocean stone foundation. The cone-shaped roof of the castle-like structure is made of shingles. Inside of the tower is a wooden spiral staircase that connects the beach to a house. With more than a few window openings, light passes through to illuminate the stairway inside.

    The house on the top is the Norman House. It was erected as a summer residence for the state senator William Edward Brown and his family. The structure of the house is inspired by the classic castles and homes in France. Later, a retired naval officer bought the house from the Brown family. He was identified as a pirate-looking man who hides coins in the tower for kids to find. The town named the tower to him. However, the tower is not open to public yet people still take photos of the gorgeous tower. It is one of the sought-after tourist spots in Laguna Beach because of the tower hidden nature.

  • Surfing flourishes in the coastal city of Laguna Beach with its legendary surf spots. Waves in the city are consistent all year round which offer surfing opportunities for different levels of surfers. With its hidden coves, the town have endless variation in surfing. Three of the most popular surfing beaches in Laguna Beach are Rockpile, Thalia Street, and Brooks Street.

    Rockpile Surfing Spot is a cove that measures in 700 feet long at the South end of Heisler Park. Though isolated, Rockpile beach draws visitor with its tidepool and beautiful waves. However, this place does not allow swimming due to its hazardous conditions. The ocean floor of the beach has lots of rock and sea urchin. The regular guests of the beach are the professional surfers who are familiar with its reef and current.

    Thalia Surfing Spot is found in the dead end of the Thalia Street. It features a long stairway for guests to access the beach. The beach is exclusive for surfers who can play along at the water’s edge. Same with Rockpile, Thalia does not allow swimming. Brooks Surfing Spot is the venue of the oldest running World surf competition. The Brooks Street Classic attracts surfers from all over the world. It is the best surfing spot in Laguna Beach.

Why Hyperdel? We have our unique sides that vastly differs our services from our competitors. The most for us is our customers' satisfaction.

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Why Hyperdel? We have our unique sides that vastly differs our services from our competitors. The most for us is our customers' satisfaction.

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