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50 Important Q&A about Car Shipping

50 Important Q&A about Car Shipping

Q1: What is auto transport?

A1: Auto transport refers to the service of shipping vehicles from one location to another, one city to another city, one state to another, typically, using auto carrier, car transporter trucks that can carry multiple vehicles at once.

Q2: What are the main types of auto transport or car shipping?

A2: The main types are open and enclosed auto transport. Open transport is the most common and less expensive option. Enclosed transport provides more protection to the vehicle, but is usually more expensive (2-3 more than open transport).

Q3: How do I prepare my car for transport?

A3: You should remove all personal belongings, perform a thorough cleaning, note any existing damages for your records, and check fluids and tire pressure. Any loose parts, roof-racks, roof-boxes and detachable bumpers should also be removed. Also, don’t forget to leave only about a quarter tank of fuel in the car.

Q4: How long does car shipping take?

A4: Shipping times vary based on the distance to be covered, route, and other logistical factors. Generally, coast-to-coast shipping in the U.S. can take 1-2.5 weeks or 7-20 days.

Q5: Can I ship my electric vehicle?

A5: Yes, electric vehicles can be shipped much like traditional cars. However, bear in mind their weight due to the batteries can sometimes impact costs.The battery charge or power should be enough to load and unload during the transportation.

Q6: Is auto transport insured?

A6: Yes, Hyperdel Auto Shpping always does best effort to check the current insurance of the each driver. The important thing to know is the insurance coverage is attached to each driver and truck the vehicle is being transported on.Regular wear and tear and/or the damages caused by not due to the negligence of the driver are subject to investigation.

Q7: What is door-to-door shipping?

A7: Door-to-door shipping refers to the service where your vehicle is picked up from your designated location and delivered directly to your desired destination, rather than at transport terminals. However, this service is provided as long as the street you live in is wide enough, trucks are allowed to drive and the street has no low-hanging trees.

Q8: Is Hyperdel Auto Shipping a reliable auto transport company?

A8: Yes. Hyperdel Auto Shipping has a decade of experience in the car transport industry with verifiable reviews from Yelp, Google and other trusted sources.

Q9: How is the cost of auto transport determined?

A9: Factors include the distance of the trip, the time of the year, the size and weight of the car, the type of transport (open vs enclosed), and the current fuel prices.

Q10: What is a bill of lading in auto transport?

A10: A bill of lading is a legal document between you and the carrier, listing the vehicle’s condition and other important details. It serves as a receipt of the vehicle’s pick-up and delivery. 

Q11: Can I pack personal items in my car during transport?

A11: Typically, it’s advised not to. Personal items are not insured, they add extra weight, and can potentially violate regulations if items are lost or stolen during transport. As courtesy the drivers allow up to 75 lbs personal belongings in the trunk area of the vehicle.However, there should not be anything expensive, valuable, firearms, ammunition and anything illegal for safe transport. Anything exceeding the reasonable personal belongings are subject to additional charges and fees as it causes delays and random inspections on the road when passing highway patrol stations.

Q12: Can I track my vehicle while it’s in transport?

A12: Yes, you can call our coordinators to check the current status of transit.

Q13: Do I need to be present when my car is picked up and delivered?

A13: Yes, or you can assign a representative. This is to inspect the vehicle and sign the bill of lading. In emergency situations, you can leave the vehicle for pick up without attendance. The keys should be left with a trusted person to hand to the driver. You still have to give written consent to pick up.

Q14: What if my vehicle is damaged during transport?

A14: If damage occurs, note it on the bill of lading, take photos, inform your coordinator as soon as possible. Because the insurance coverage is attached to the transporting truck, it is important to thoroughly inspect your vehicle when receiving it and instantly inform of any damages.

Q15: Can I transport a non-running vehicle?

A15: Yes, though it typically incurs an additional fee as special equipment is required to load and unload the vehicle. Those trucks with capability of transporting inoperable vehicles are subject to availability.

Q16: What should I do if my car arrives late?

A16: Contact your sales representative or coordinator at Hyperdel for information. Delays can occur due to weather, traffic, or mechanical issues. Interstate auto carrier trucks sometimes will have multiple pick ups and drop offs on the way until they reach their destination. These stops could increase delivery time due to waiting time.

Q17: What’s a transport broker?

A17: A transport broker connects customers with auto transport companies.

Q18: Can I specify a pick-up and delivery date?

A18: Yes, but it’s subject to the car transporter truck’s schedule. Always communicate your preference to your coordinator, and they will try to accommodate it. Sometimes, urgent pick ups and last minute arrangements could incur additional charges

Q19: How far in advance should I schedule my auto transport?

A19: Ideally, you should schedule your transport 2-4 weeks in advance to ensure availability and the best price. If you receive an all-in-one price and quote, you can reserve it by placing the order. Hyperdel guarantees the price once the car transport is reserved

Q20: Is there any seasonality in auto transport?

A20: Yes, auto transport is often busier in summer, which may affect availability and prices.

Q21: Can I ship a luxury or antique car?

A21: Yes, and for these types of cars, enclosed transport is recommended for additional protection.

Q22: Is it cheaper to drive my car or ship it across the country?

A22: It can be cheaper to ship your car when you consider the costs of time, fuel, lodging, meals, and wear and tear on the vehicle for long drives.

Q23: How can I pay for auto transport?

A23: Hyperdel Auto Shipping accepts credit/debit card payments for reservation fees the rest of the balance is usually due with cash, cashier’s check from your bank, money order from USPS, MoneyGram, Western Union, Walmart. Additionally, the most driver currently accept Zelle and PayPal payments.

Q24: Are auto transport quotes free?

A24: Hyperdel Auto Shipping always offers free, no-obligation quotes.

Q25: Can I cancel my auto transport order?

A25: Yes, Hyperdel Auto Shipping allows cancellations, but we may charge a cancellation fee if the order is canceled within 24 hours.

Q26: Do I have to pay in advance for the service?

A26: Hyperdel Auto Shipping charges a reservation fee to hold the spot and schedule the auto transport service. The rest of the tariff can usually be paid upon receiving the vehicle at the destination.

Q27: Can I ship a motorcycle or RV?

A27: No, Hyperdel Auto Shipping currently does not ship motorcycle, RV, truck and large commercial vehicles.

Q28: What is a carrier in auto transport?

A28: A carrier is the truck or vehicle that physically transports your car from one location to another, one city to another, one state to another

Q29: Can I ship a car from or to another country?

A29: Currently, Hyperdel Auto Shipping does not provide international or overseas shipping.

Q30: What if my location is not accessible by a large truck?

A30: If your location is not easily accessible, arrangements can be made to pick up and deliver your vehicle at a nearby large parking lot, main road close to you or similar location.

Q31: What other best or reliable car shipping companies does Hyperdel offer?

A31: We proudly offer experienced car shipping companies in the Unites States with great reputation: Acertus, United Road, CarsArrive.

Q32: What is ro-ro shipping?

A32: Ro-Ro (Roll-on/Roll-off) shipping is a method where vehicles are driven on and off a large ship. This method is primarily used in international auto transport.

Q33: How is my car secured during transport?

A33: Cars are typically secured with straps to prevent movement during transport. In enclosed transport, additional measures may be taken.

Q34: Can I ship a car with a salvage title?

A34: Yes, but be aware that special considerations and potential extra costs may be involved due to the handling required.

Q35: Can I transport a car with a lien on it?

A35: Yes, but you will need permission from the lienholder.

Q36: What is consolidated car shipping?

A36: Consolidated car shipping means your car is transported along with several other cars going the same direction. It is the most used and affordable way of shipping.

Q37: What is an auto transport broker’s bond?

A37: A broker’s bond is a type of insurance that protects you in case the broker fails to fulfill their contract or operates fraudulently. It’s a requirement for all licensed auto transport brokers.

Q38: How can I verify an auto transport company’s license?

A38: You can verify the company’s license by checking their USDOT number on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s website.

Q39: What is terminal-to-terminal shipping?

A39: Terminal-to-terminal shipping means you drop off your car at a specified location (the terminal) and it’s shipped to another terminal close to your destination, where you pick it up. Currently, Hyperdel offers easy pick up and drop off terminals in Los Angeles, CA and Newark, NJ. If you live in a nearby city, consider saving time and money on shipping. 

Q40: Can I ship a car with window damage or cracked glass?

A40: Yes, but it’s highly recommended to repair any glass damage before shipping to prevent further damage. The drivers will not be liable for other additional damages if those unrepaired parts will cause more damage.

Q41: What does “top load” mean in auto transport?

A41: “Top load” refers to your car being placed on the upper level of a multi-level transport trailer. This generally does not make a difference in transporting your vehicle. It is still up to the driver how to load the cars to drive the truck and transport the vehicles in the safest way possible.

Q42: Can I ship a modified car?

A42: Yes, but be sure to inform Hyperdel Auto Shipping about any modifications as it might affect how the car needs to be loaded and secured, and could impact the cost.

Q43: Do I need to give a set of keys to the driver?

A43: Yes, the driver needs a set of keys to your vehicle for loading and unloading.

Q44: Can I get a military discount when shipping my car?

A44: Hyperdel Auto Shipping offers discounts for active duty and retired military personnel.

Q45: How should I inspect my car on delivery?

A45: Check the vehicle’s exterior and interior thoroughly, look for any new scratches, dents or other damages that weren’t there before, and compare the condition of the vehicle with the initial inspection report.

Q46: What is a deposit or reserve fee for auto transport?

A46: It is a fee to hold the spot from the truck and/or guarantee the rate for future transport service. Reservation fee typically ranges from 10% to 45% of the total transport cost.

Q47: Can I ship my car if it’s leaking fluid?

A47: It’s best to repair any leaks before shipping your car, as they can damage other vehicles in transport. If that’s not possible, inform the shipping company of the leak.

Q48: Is there a weight limit for auto transport?

A48: Weight limits depend on the specific transport carrier and the laws in the regions the vehicle is being transported through. Heavier vehicles may incur additional charges.

Q49: Can I ship a car with a car cover on?

A49: It’s not recommended as it may tear or fly off during transit, possibly causing damage.

Q50: How do I choose between different auto transport quotes?

A50: Consider not only the price, but also factors like insurance coverage, company reputation, services provided, and delivery times. Be wary of quotes significantly lower than others, as the service may be subpar.


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